Youth Programme

The Youth Programme at this year’s conference was a real blessing. Twenty young people spent most of Saturday 26th May 2012 in discussion, fun, fellowship and preparation for the Worship Service on Sunday.

Feedback from the Young people:

The youth session began around 10.30am with a prayer and an icebreaker session. This was fun as it involved throwing a ball around at each other and giving us an opportunity to introduce ourselves by mentioning our name; where we live and come from; our favourite dish and something unique about us. We were then divided into three groups (each group choosing an African name that bore a meaning) and given the task of dreaming dreams about what we would like to see in Africa over the next five years. The group names were as follows:

o Hakuna Matata (Kenya)– There are no worries

o Ibunkun (Nigeria) – Blessing

o Odo (Ghana) – Love

We had so much fun interacting in a relaxed environment. This was followed by an open session in which each group introduced their ideas allowing for further discussion. We later focused on a Bible passage from 2 Chronicles 7: 1-14. Our group leader stressed the need to pray without ceasing for Africa and our individual dreams for her. The analogy was made between praying and building a strong relationship with God and having a bank account – the more we pray and live according to God’s will (funds transferred and paid in) the more blessings and benefits God will pour out on us and Africa (withdrawals – funds available). If we continue to sin and deny God (neglect the account – overdraw and refuse to pay in money), we shall fall short of his glory and be condemned to death (poor credit history – declared bankrupt).

After lunch we spent time learning a song (Jabulani Africa), preparing intercessory prayers and finishing off our dream statements for Sunday Worship. A football match followed: there was again so much laughter and fun. It was great to see the teamwork and skills on show. The fashion show and party that followed was really beautiful. The array of African attire on display was breathtaking. The Youth Programme reached a fitting conclusion with the Pentecost Service in which we led the prayers of intercession and presented our African Dream.

It was a real blessing to share the weekend with these wonderful young people. Their energy, enthusiasm and positivity created the perfect environment for all present to feel comfortable and enjoy each other. It is my humble prayer that this will be the start of greater things in their individual lives and for Africa as our dreams come through by God’s grace. Amen

Stanley Njie

Our Dream for Africa is to see a better portrayal of Africa through the media; a place where natural; resourcesare properly managed within stable economies and further evangelism with the aid of constant prayer.

Our Dream for Africa is for Africa to pray and seek God’s face for salvation; every child (regardless of gender) to have a right to good quality education and a fairer sharing of wealth to reduce the gap between rich and poor; that all will live in Peace, Love and Unity.

Our Dream for Africa is to see God-fearing leaders and equality between men and women ion all areas of life according to God’s word.  Continual prayer for homes that will teach God’s wisdom on sex education.

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