The Youth Programme

The youth group had fun during their sessions, facilitated by Kenneth Korsah from SOCMS: discussions, a football game, and even during meal times. They also reflected on several issues as they discussed the creation story (Genesis 1:1 – 2:3) and came up with some resolutions for themselves, the Church and the world as a whole.

We would like our church to be

  • A church for all people: incorporating all races, colours, genders and status.
  • Giving support and help to the vulnerable in the church and community.
  • More universally appealing by being more interactive.
  • A balanced liturgy with as much modern music as traditional hymns.
  • For everyone: every person has a say in the running of the church.
  • Reaching out into the community.
  • Giving a good example for the community on social justice and care issues.

We would like our world to be

  • A peaceful world without fighting and wars.
  • Helping each other; being each other’s keeper.
  • There is need to stop the greediness of leaders and countries, and the exploitation of the weak and vulnerable.
  • Wise leaders who would think and care for their people without exploitation or abuse of power.
  • Unity among all people, celebrating the diversity of all people and respecting all people regardless of background, ethnicity, age or gender.
  • Remember that all the world’s people are originally one family.


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