Heave Ho me hearties! Heave Ho, Big J

So began our Pirate Adventure. We were on a beach on a Caribbean Island. How did we get there? What did we find? Were we frightened, confused or just happy to be rescued from a variety of ‘accidents’? The children’s group came up with some brilliant, original ideas.

What were the dangers we faced? We set out to explore and met up with Big J who told us his story of how he became a ‘Tour Pirate’. We pushed our way through undergrowth and bushes – ‘Stop! Hold your position’ producing some very clever poses which improved as we explored farther. Then we painted leaves for our trees, made flowers, butterflies and parrots to decorate them.

After a break a newly discovered Treasure Map took priority – dressed in tabards, scarves and belts we set off to find the treasure somewhere near the lake. On a rest session, we heard the story of John Newton, slaver turned Anglican Minister. We sang the first verse of ‘Amazing Grace’ together. The photographer caught up with us and we posed for photos.

The real Treasure was back at base – a large box of different chocolate bars. More work on completing our crafts, games and stories, occupied our afternoon. We joined the Carnival evening on Saturday. On Sunday morning we prepared our butterfly prayer cards used as part of our closing worship and communion.

Big J reported afterwards: ‘It was an exciting time with a lovely group of young people who were a delight to work with.’

Big J (Jeff Whitworth) and Rita Bennett


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