Young People

Children’s programme

Led by Joyce Kimberlee and Rita Bennett

We began by making notebooks so the children could record the activities we did as a sort of Missionary Journey.

Because the weather was glorious and so hot inside we decided to do some activities outside. We played games such as ‘Postcards Home’ where the children had to run to different points with cards with Bible verses on them. We also had wonderful games with water balloons, some of us getting very wet.

After a tremendous thunder storm in the early hours of Sunday morning, we decided it was too wet to go outside, so we decorated gingerbread people and made delicious coconut and chocolate sweeties, which were enjoyed by all.

We also learnt a new song to share in the Sunday morning worship called ‘Heaven is in my heart’.

On Sunday we made ‘Promise Jars’. The children rubbed different coloured chalk into salt and layered it into small jars, each colour representing a promise by God to us his children.

The highlight for many of the children was making paper chains with a hundred links in each one, to represent one hundred years of the Missionary Society. The children really related to the length of years by the length of chain and even tried to imagine what they would be like in a hundred years’ time.

The Young People’s Group

Led by Elaine Robinson

We built on the concept of Change from the first session on Friday night. Almost everyone had rich experiences of living in more than one country, so through video clips and discus-sion we explored the differences and shock of moving from one place to another.

Following this, in two groups, we decided on an ‘Apprentice’ type challenge based on themes coming out of our discussions. This included producing a slogan and using it to decorate bags that we made from newspaper, and tee-shirts. Later with the Children’s group we composed a song about our activities.

One group’s emphasis was recycling, as necessary for the future of our world, focussing on a project that converts elephant ‘poo’ to brightly coloured paper. The other group wanted to highlight the need for the voices of Young People to be heard and what they say not to be dismissed but seriously considered.

Steve Pearce helped us sing, so that we could have a voice in worship and we used ex-cess energy round a parachute.



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