A Constructive Children’s Programme

Bob (or God) the Builder became our mascot as we looked at mission from a construction point of view. With building as the theme we looked at readings about the Tower of Babel, Nehemiah and the ‘Wise and Foolish Builders’. Noah (or Evan) even made an appearance, as the film ‘Evan Almighty’ (the Hollywood Noah) inspired some to make boats which we floated on the Sunday morning.

The weekend was kicked off as our very own Bob the Builder, one half of the team Bodgitt and Scarper, came in to welcome the kids after worship, complete with hard hat and high visibility jacket.

Wonderful weather for most of the weekend made it possible to spend a lot of time out of doors playing games and enjoying the opportunity to relax. We did some proper football training, played rounders and had fun with a hover disk (a big frisbee). The time was enjoyed by all.

Saturday morning saw us all get our hands mucky with some crafts. These included making bead bracelets and window pictures that the light will shine through and doing lots of colouring.

With lollypop sticks and glue at their disposal, the group were soon inspired to create boats and rafts. All sorts of ideas took off from different parts of the age range. Once we found the balloons the boats really took shape and all we needed was for the glue to set.

‘Health and Safety’ signs plastered all over construction sites were the inspiration for our own health and safety signs from a mission and church perspective. The children showed great imagination as new signs were designed to warn people of ‘Children praying inside’, ‘Danger! Explosive Spirit’, ‘Children at Work! Could be messy’, ‘Holy Mess’ and an ‘Escape Route to Faith.’

On the Sunday morning we created prayer bricks to construct a prayer wall. We wrote and designed prayers on paper templates before sticking the bricks together. Using glitter and felt tips we created some of the most colourful prayers that have been seen for a while.

This year we were blessed with 34 kids ranging from 4-15 in age, together with eight in the crèche. They came from across the globe; from India, DR Congo, Cuba, the Caribbean, Cameroon, Guinea, Kenya, Pakistan and South Africa.

Bodgitt and Scarper would like to thank the wonderful construction team from the Queens Foundation for building these sessions.

Pete and Sam Taylor, Phil and Claire Jackson

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