Northern Conference 2021 “Setting the Oppressed Free: Modern Slavery and People Trafficking”

Date 29/10/2021 - 31/10/2021

Venue Rydal Hall, Ambleside, Cumbria, LA22 9LX

2021: Setting the Oppressed Free: Modern Slavery and People Trafficking

29th – 31st October 2021  Rydal Hall, Cumbria

This year we welcome speakers from the Medaille Trust, a charity based in Salford but with an international reach in preventing modern slavery, protecting its victims, and prosecuting the perpetrators.  To book, please contact ku.gro.tsaen.mwmnull@nimda

Whilst this has always been a really important topic, the events of last summer and the Black Lives Matter movement have highlighted the significance of the impact of slavery, human trafficking and exploitation.  We may consider slavery a thing of the past, remembered by statues, but are we aware what it looks like today and where it is in our own communities – construction sites, nail bars, car washes, fruit farms?  Have we considered what actions we are taking to prevent and protect our local, national, and global neighbours?  Where do our own choices fall short of our Christian values and potentially even support slavery – our banking, shopping, or holiday decisions?

As Christians, we are called to “Set free those who are held by chains without any reason.  Untie the ropes that hold people as slaves.  Set free those who are crushed. Break every evil chain.” (Isaiah 58:6).  We hope that you will join us this year to engage with this crisis and act within your own communities.

If you require crèche facilities or a children’s programme then please let us know and we will be in touch for further details. For any enquiries, or to book your place, please contact Alan Cunningham on ku.gro.tsaEN.MWMnull@nimdA

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