2014 Conference: Injustice in South Asia

How Religions and Arts Respond

30th May – 1st June 2014

Speakers included:

  • Daleep Mukarji, Vice President of the Methodist Conference, Chairman of the Oversas Development Institute and a past Director of Christian Aid
  • Revd Daniel Premkumar, Director of Diaconal Concerns in the Church of South India.
  • Jyoti Sahi who founded the Jyoti Art Ashram, specialises in Indian Symbolism and Theology and is known for his Hindu – Christian dialogue through art.

There will be workshops on the topics of the Garment Industry,  Songs of the Diakonia, Indian Dance and Issues of Injustice.  More about the speakers.

All this plus accommodation and food for £120-150 per person for the entire weekend.  If you book before 10th March then there is a £5 discount.  There are also very special rates for young people and children.

Typically, attendees arrive between 4 pm and 6 pm on the Friday and then leave after lunch on the Sunday. However, it is possible to attend part time. All the details are on the booking form.

How to book your place at the conference:

you can download full information in Word format (2014 Info Word) or PDF (2014 Info PDF)

You can download the booking form:

For printing and filling in by hand: (2014 Form PDF – requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.)

For filling in using Word and then printing: (2014 Form Word – requires Microsoft Word 2003 or later.)

Alternatively you can request booking forms from Diana Bosman on +44 121 3082251 or through moc.liamelgoognull@mwmsgnikoob


Please send a cheque with the first page of the form to the address given on the form. Payee details are also on the form.



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